Wardrobes Designs For Your Home

Wardrobes are To make your everyday experience more regal and
spacious and to look your best every day. Maruthi Interiors are Top interior designers in Hyderabad. We are here to provide some ideas for your home.

The beauty of the bedroom is not only due to its decoration and design; the wardrobes give aesthetic beauty to the rooms.
They give more space to organize huge and small items such as clothes, sheets, curtains, etc.
There are many materials available in the market from which you can choose the modern looking and elegant design wardrobes with plenty of space.
Cabinets are actually an idea that you can modify in any way. They will make your simple wardrobes more special and elegant.
There are several types of wardrobes depending on the materials and the number of doors you can choose for your room.
Let’s all discuss it.

Waxwing sliding doors

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The waxwing two-door sliding wardrobe is the one with two sliding doors on both sides. It has plenty of shelves and drawers to put hangers, clothes, and other accessories such as wallets and belts.
It looks very stylish from the outside and the same from the inside, everything is placed in an aesthetic way.
Therefore, you have plenty of space to organize things properly. If you want one of the best sliding door wardrobe brands, choose the Waxwing Wardrobe.


wardrobes designs

Another wardrobe with an amazing look is the Monal wardrobe. It is not always true that a beautiful item is available at higher prices only.
Monal Wardrobe is the real example. This is a perfect example of bedroom wardrobe designs at very reasonable rates.
This 6-door cabinet has long, square handles. All the shelves are arranged in series followed by the sliding drawers. There is a hangar space available inside.
All in all, it is a perfect art of furniture.

Raised cupboard

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It is a type of wardrobe that you can create on the frame of your bedroom wardrobe. It consumes less space and gives you more storage for various things like books, bags, and other necessary items.
They can be arranged above the bed level so it becomes easy for you to use them at any time.

Vinyl doors

wardrobes design

This is a popular modern wardrobe used in residential apartments nowadays. The doors of this cabinet are made of vinyl and are mounted on tracks. They also have aluminum frames.
Vinyl cabinets are also lightweight and durable. These doors look great in your modern bedroom

Multi-panel sliding doors

This cabinet has silver frames and its doors slide on rails. You can use different kinds of colors on these doors to give a cool look to the bedroom.
There are many other customization options that you can choose from for multi-panel sliding door cabinets.


Maruthi Interiors

Are you planning to give an elegant look to your bedroom? If so, then the vintage wardrobe is a perfect choice.
They are extremely beautiful and give a perfect elegance to the room. This cabinet comes with a wardrobe and drawers inside. With beauty, it comes with perfect space.

You can enhance the look of your bedroom with this oversized wardrobe. The vintage wardrobe comes with plenty of drawers and shelves to store clothes, jewelry, files, and other accessories.