storage in the bathroom

storage in the bathroom ideas in 2021

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Who does not want more shelves and storage in the bathroom? Most of us own multiple products and our existing shelves seem to be groaning under the pile. Here are some ways to give your bathroom a sleek new look while adding more functionality. Read on …

Consider a ladder

storage in the bathroom

It is a great piece of furniture because it offers more features than you can imagine. A wooden ladder will add a rustic touch to the bathroom and also double as a place to hang towels, knickknacks, and even lights.

Bring a bar stool

storage in the bathroom

The bathroom is a great space to get creative. If you have a spare bar stool, place it next to the sink and go – you’ve got a storage rack. Paint the stool in a color of your choice and let it add character to the room.

Baskets to the rescue

storage in the bathroom

The best thing about baskets is that they are flexible, easily movable storage units. Place them on the floor, keep them under the sink, or even stack them on top of each other. Load them with toilet paper rolls, towels, or bath stocks.

A mirror with a base

storage in the bathroom

Another smart way to add more storage is to find a mirror that has small cavities where you can store things. Keep your toothbrush, creams, and even flowers inside.

Use the sink more

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Here’s a great idea: If you have a floating sink, just tape some pleated fabric around it and use the space below for storage. Smart, right?