staircase design ideas

Staircase design ideas

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From the moment you hear the word staircase, the main thing that strikes your brain is basic square-shaped structures without any visual or aesthetic appeal. These days, the stairs have gone beyond the mundane. These are visual enhancements to the home and form a large part of the interior design. Here we explain how to be imaginative.

Indian homes need more planning than others as they usually have a few floors above the main entrance, at least with traditional layouts. Certain staircase layout ideas for Indian houses will add to its mystique and charm for a desi chic look. Besides, these designs are very stylish and save space.

staircase design ideas by maruthi interiors

Wonderfully white and in a corner staircase design

Stairs are best made in the edges of your Indian house. Corners are great places to build a staircase connecting floors without encroaching on the layout of the rest of your home. Also, they add a touch of visual appeal to any home. Clear glass railings, for example, increase the appeal and make space appear larger.

Say hello to the Woody Woodpecker stairs

Ah! One of the most wonderful elements in nature is wood. Wood, sourced from tree bark, adds warmth to any space when in use. Wooden stairs bring rustic beauty to Indian homes. These wooden planks are not only sturdy but also take up less space. The space under these wooden stairs is usually empty where you can place small items for temporary storage.

Narrow, small, and high

Do you own a small but nice house? Does your heart want a small staircase to accompany it? Don’t worry, the design enthusiast in you won’t be disappointed. You can hold a short and narrow staircase – it consumes less space. Narrow and small stairs are normally made of a lightweight metallic substance where each step is a bit higher compared to the regular staircase design. We can secure them with walls or railings to create a safer environment.

The design of the large spiral staircase

Spiral staircases save square meters due to their sleeping design. The most common variation is where the staircase makes a sudden U-turn every four to five steps. That type of geometrically bent staircase is not suggested for homes with children or elderly couples as climbing is cumbersome. Make sure there is always enough light for easy climbing if you go for this design.