space in your bedroom

Space in your bedroom For Storage

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If you have little or no space in your bedroom, you really have no choice but to get creative with the way you store your things. Luckily, there are tons of ways to make your limited space work for you. From transforming the wall behind your bed into a closet to adding something as simple as a wall desk, we’ve rounded up the smartest ways to use the area you have.

Install shelves in layers

space in your bedroom

Layer a wall with shelves or make a row along the perimeter of the bedroom. You can use it to store everything from books and accessories to blankets, handbags, shoes, and more.

Hang the pants on the S-hooks

Hang Pants on S-Hooks

Maintain shelf space by hovering your pants with belt loops on S-hooks. This way you can easily make them more compact. Bonus: you can see them all much better when you choose which pair to wear.

Try a wall-mounted nightstand

Wall-Mounted Night Stand Maruthi Interiors

Maybe you don’t have room for a full nightstand, but a small wall corner table is much better than cluttering the floor with your water and books.

Use a clothes rack

space in your bedroom Maruthi Interiors

The best thing about this organizer is that your clothes will be on display at all times, so you’ll quickly know which items you like and which ones you can throw away or give away.

Buy a wardrobe

 space in your bedroom

Don’t have a closet? Wardrobes work just as well and can make a design statement in your bedroom. This stunning piece will make you admire it every time you pass by.

Try a bed hutch

space in your bedroom

A storage bed hutch paired with a storage headboard is the ultimate space-saving duo. Fill them with everything from books to covers.

Place a storage bench near the bed

Maruthi Interiors

A storage bench at the end of a bed makes great seating and storage. You can use it to store blankets, sweaters, books, snacks – you name it.

Double your mirror as an accessory organizer

Maruthi Interiors

This mirror not only acts as a cabinet for all your accessories, but it also hangs right above your door. You can put it on your cabinet door or use it on your bedroom doorway.

Use a corner stand

Instead of cramming a chair in the corner and throwing your clothes in, use a corner wall rack to hang the clothes of choice. This will keep them in mind when you dress up and allow you to show off your favorite pieces with pride.

Use your bed frame

The brown wicker baskets tucked into this bed frame are perfect for storing shoes and sweaters. Plus, a comfy white blanket could almost entirely conceal this storage space.

Raise your bed

Instead of sliding boxes under your bed, use a nifty storage platform that sits under the mattress. It’s the perfect place to store the sweaters you usually throw away on the shelves

Use your wall

Maruthi Interiors

What do you get when you combine a dresser and a heavy-duty shelving unit? Something even cuter than a closet.