small living room

small living room ideas

If you feel that your living room is always cramped and cluttered, you are not alone. Let’s face it: designing a small living room can be difficult. Especially because this is the room you probably spend the most time in and has to be super functional as well. But don’t let your small living room ruin your style!
Some people say the only way to make a small living room work is to avoid dark colors on the walls or certain types of furniture. But we don’t agree. You don’t have to sacrifice your style to get the most out of your small living room. Here are some proven tips from our designers that are sure to help you successfully design your small living room for a space that is big on style and functionality.

small living room

Use your walls

If your living room is running out of floor space, now is the time to get creative using your walls! The wall-mounted storage options are amazing and give you all of the same functionality without taking up floor space. Consider using a bookcase to double as a side table or even try one with a built-in desk option. It reduces clutter, maximizes storage, and means you have one less cabinet to buy.

Choose light furniture

A little living room design tip that often goes unnoticed is to use light furniture. Light-colored or even mirrored furniture helps reduce visual clutter, essential in a small space. This optical image creates a more open and spacious look instead of thick, heavy pieces that sit directly on the floor. You can also achieve the same effect by using furniture with tall, tapered legs. (Have you ever wondered why mid-century modern design is so popular in urban spaces? Because it’s a great style for small rooms!)

Use an organically shaped mat

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a rug that fits into your small living room design. They often seem too big or too small for tight spaces. Rather than drawing attention to the small size of your room with a rug that won’t fit, try using one with an organic shape. We love options like this cowhide rug. It has the same function and does not need to follow any rules regarding the shape and size of the room.

Hang your curtains high

An easy trick to making your small living room look bigger is to hang your curtains up high! This makes your ceilings appear very high and will draw the eye up rather than down. It’s a smart optical illusion that will make your space appear much bigger than it is.

Pass the coffee table

In a room that is already crowded to the max, skipping unnecessary furniture items is the way to go. Then we say get a small crazy and skip the beverage table. If you’re short on space, you can take advantage of the open space to use in other ways, like this living room that uses two ottomans to double as a footstool and a makeshift coffee table. Also, they can be utilized as extra seats in a pinch!

Use your sofa to divide the space

If you are doubling your space to create both a living room and a dining room, use your sofa to divide the room. The back of a sofa creates an “area” by dividing the space into different areas. Having a makeshift wall like this helps create a sense of rooms within rooms.