shoe rack design ideas

Shoe rack design ideas

Shoe rack design ideas, We are Maruthi Interiors, Interior designers in Hyderabad providing the best interior service, we are into both commercial and residential projects. Our expert designers give you the best designs to bring a beautiful look to your home.

In the part of interior designing here we are providing some information about interior designing. So that our customers can have some understanding.

The shoe store is one of the things which we have to look into when we opt for interior designing. The shoe tends to one of the hardest things to store unless we have a closet to keep a number of pairs. Shoes are the ones which we buy whenever we go shopping. As a part of the interior here we are giving some shoe storage design ideas. We can have different types of shoe storage.

  1. Wooden Shoe Stand
  2. Wall-mounted Shoe rack
  3. Stackable Shoe stand
  4. Modern Shoe Cabinet
  5. No of Tier Shoe rack

Wooden Shoe rack

Wooden Shoe stand are very perfect shoe storages, we may opt for different types for example 7 Shelfs or more than or less than

Wall-mounted shoe stand

The name it self says the meaning of this shoe stand. While making this stand, we make sure that it fit on wall and you can opt for mirror also so that you can have a look once you wear the shoes.

Stackable Shoe stand

Stackable shoe racks are those which can move from one place to another place, in this also we can go for different shelfs and designs

Modern Shoe Cabinet

This cabinet comes with drawers where you can close the drawers once you take or keep the shoes

No of Tier Shoe Rack

In this shoe rack, we can have multiple tires. Tires are nothing but stages we can go for 5,7, etc.…

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