Pooja room design

Pooja room design ideas for your home

Pooja room design ideas by Maruthi Interiors. we are Top interior designers in Hyderabad. Providing some ideas here 👇

While meditation is mastered, the mind is stable like a candle flame in a windless point. Bhagavad Gita

A traditional Pooja room:

one with four wooden pillars, a pyramid dome, a carved wooden door with brass bells, and a red oxide floor was the design I had in mind for our Pooja room. The kitchen and the mandir were two parts of the house, I spent a lot of time on the design.

After all, we need this serene corner of the house to retreat for a few minutes each day to slow down and calm the mind. Whether one is religious or not, the benefits of having a dedicated Pooja/mandir/meditation room in the home to connect with oneself and be in harmony cannot be overemphasized.

This article details the following:

  • Vastu aspects to keep in mind when designing a Pooja room to attract positive energy.
  • How to design a Pooja room in a small apartment
  • Or how to design a sumptuous Pooja room in a bungalow
  • Different models of doors for Pooja rooms

Space should not be a deterrent to creating a corner to meditate. Along with the luxury of space, most older homes had a Pooja bedroom with a door away from the noise of household activity. In compact apartments, where this is often not possible, one can create a small corner with a floating shelf.

My dream of this Pooja room was not realized because the entrepreneur could not execute my vision. But that doesn’t have to be the case with you. This is a compilation of everything you will need to design a calm Pooja room with designs, extensive aspects to take care of, and several tips from practical experience.

Wooden doors with bells:

Pooja room design

The two-door wooden door with bells leads to a room dedicated to Pooja clad in wood.

Intricately Carved Wooden Doors:

The intricate patterns of the heritage carved wooden door are the main door of a bungalow. But it is suitable for a Pooja room for its know-how
Modern Pooja Doors: The cabinet below doesn’t look like a Pooja cabinet, does it? Modern floral-inspired layered graphic art printed on the console’s wood panels hides a Pooja unit inside.