Living Room Ideas

Living Room Ideas

Living room is the place where Everyone sit and Enjoy, We are Maruthi Interiors Providing top interior designing service in Hyderabad. As a part here providing some Deigns which make you feel think about your Living Rooms.

Looking for living room decorating ideas after a recent move? Or does your current living room look a little drab? If you feel the urge to clean it all up and start over, stop for a moment before you do something dramatic and expensive. Sometimes all a living room needs is a carefully thought-out key piece to bring the space together. Getting it right is a lot easier than redesigning every detail of your living room. So, here are 5 innovative living room decorating ideas to help you put an end to your interior decorating troubles.

Superimpose several rugs For Living Room

Living Room

Carpet layering is one of the popular but often overlooked living room decorating ideas among professional interior designers. This trick requires 2-3 rugs: an oversized rug that will serve as a base, and 1-2 full-size accent rugs. The base rug is usually a plain rug or a natural jute/cotton rug made of a neutral color (think beige, light gray, or ivory), is woven flat so that it sits flush with the ground without pile, and is textured for effect. Decorative rugs that go over the top usually have vibrant colors and artistic patterns. It can be oriental / Persian rugs, geometric rugs, or even sheepskin.

By the way, families are often hesitant to spend a lot on rugs, choosing to invest in sofas, tables, and other furniture instead. If you are one of them, you are making a common faux pas in living room decorating. Rugs are both practical as a soft layer to walk on and beautiful as a work of art that connects your room. Smart design: Reallocate your furniture resources and invest in better rugs.

Space your room

Living Room

This idea goes beyond organizing your room. What I recommend is to design around the very concept of a vacuum. Simplicity is defined by sharp lines, dots, and planes which, despite their minimalism, can be pinned to a shape. The void is totally devoid of form.
Let the void – the “nothingness” in your living room – speak for itself. Choose a smaller sofa, move rooms away from your walls, use mirrors, and glass table tops to give the illusion of extra space, and avoid unnecessary rooms. A well-designed room is not only what it contains, but what is not.

Add plants and terrariums

Living Room

If you want an immediate infusion of life into your living room, be sure to add some well-designed interior greenery. Particularly smart for rooms with predominantly neutral colors, the touch of green in your planter or terrarium will brighten up your room while adding visual breathability. A touch of greenery on a drab shelving unit or a desolate fireplace easily enlivens the area and can make a sterile room appear clean, fresh, and airy. Our selection of plants and vases is a good start.

Get a Sliders

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If you have a nice, beautiful TV in your living room, you will probably want to watch it while also integrating it seamlessly into your living room design. TVs are hard to plan, with their ugly wires and all, but you can make it easier by choosing a sideboard instead of a traditional TV stand. Even if you don’t have a TV, a sideboard offers plenty of space on the top for accents – or even a large mirror.

Add a personal touch

Maruthi Interiors Living Room Ideas

Growing interior design options, along with the accessibility of affordable modern furniture and decorations, have led to many living rooms that seem over-manufactured. Any authentic living room décor idea should have a personal touch.
If you live in a home with children then now is the time to imprint their life in your home. You can post your children’s artwork or memorable family photos in a wall gallery. If you have a proud ancestry, you may also want to consider using photos from past generations for vintage appeal.
Do you have a passion for life? Why not specify it in the design of your living room? For example, if you like to travel, fill your room with maps, guidebooks, or a glowing globe.