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Laundry Room Design For Your Home

Laundry room- we all have to do it someday. And if your designated laundry room isn’t in the best shape, you’ll hate more than you need.

Here we have practical storage solutions that will not only make your little room neater, but we will go so far as to say “beautiful”!

And if your laundry room is very small, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our advice is inclusive.

We Maruthi Interiors Top Interior Designers in Hyderabad got some tips to help you get the most out of the smallest laundry room.

Add more hanging bars

laundry room

By a simple balance rod or a wooden rod and a few hooks, any unused wall space can be turned into a nook for hanging clean clothes you’ve ironed or for air drying smaller items in the washing machine. Get matching hangers to have a more assembled look.

Get more counter space

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Install plywood on top of your washing machine to instantly get more counter space that can be used for ironing and folding. You can also use this space to keep baskets, soap, and even plants that liven up space.

Turn a closet into a laundry room

laundry room

If you don’t have a designated laundry room, you can turn a spare closet into a single one by simply installing shelves and rods above the washing machine installed inside the closet. The back of the doors can be used to hang supplies. Pick a fun wallpaper for the back of your closet and you have a quirky little laundry room.

Buy matching storage containers

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You will need several baskets or other storage containers. Instead of buying ones of different materials and sizes, choose identical ones to create a uniform look, especially if you have open shelves. It can be wire baskets, wicker baskets, or any other type of baskets. Pick out items that you don’t use often and store them in tall boxes. You can use the lower baskets to store items that you use very often.

Get a nice basket

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A large laundry basket also serves as a decorative piece. Get wicker with a lid if you don’t want any dirty clothes left in the open. However, if you want to go for a cheaper option that can also be thrown in the washing machine often, go for a cloth or canvas basket. These come in different colors, prints, and even fun quotes. Whichever one you choose, make sure you have it in the laundry room so the family can easily drop off their dirty clothes.