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Kitchen Countertop Trends 2021

The kitchen countertop is an essential part of the kitchen. This is where all the action takes place. But more than that, the countertop is the basis of kitchen decor during a kitchen remodel. He carries the burden of setting the tone and the feel of the space.

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Considering its importance in the decoration of the kitchen, the material, the finish, and the design that you choose for your countertop matter a lot. We’ve rounded up the hottest countertop trends for 2021 that will give your ideas for your kitchen. Since you would anticipate, certain trends concentrate heavily on color and material choices. Spoiler alert: quartz is still the king of kitchen counters.

Trend # 1. Quartz is here to stay Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen Countertop MaruthiInteriors

Quartz has been touted as a high-end alternative to granite, check out our article granite vs quartz. Granite, a natural rock, has dominated the countertop scene for years, especially for homeowners who want something solid, durable, and beautiful. But it has a downside: it’s porous. This means that liquids like water, wine, and oils can seep through the surface and cause stains. Worse yet, it encourages the breeding of dangerous bacteria that could make your countertop unhealthy.
The porosity problem can be solved by sealing the granite surface with a non-porous sealant. But the sealer does wear out over time and wear and tear, so the counter has to be resealed throughout its life.
Quartz, on the other hand, is not porous and does not need to undergo regular re-sealing. This means it is very stain resistant and is one of the most hygienic countertop options for homeowners. Add to that the fact that quartz is extremely durable which makes it super durable and you can see why this low maintenance material is not going anywhere as the countertop material of choice for many homeowners.
Quartz is now available in many colors, patterns, and finishing techniques that mimic the look of natural stone. One of the most current and trendy finishes today is matte. In 2021, quartz makers will continue to impress us with manufacturing improvements to keep this countertop option queen. Not just for this year, but for some time to come.

Trend # 2. Sharp vs Polished

Since we are experimenting with a design movement using more textured and tactile surfaces, why not consider it in countertops as well. Sharpened and leather surfaces are the most common and can be applied to many different materials, such as granite, marble, and quartz. While the polish is still the most popular, there are advantages to these other two.
A honed finish is a matte finish with little to no sheen. The general appearance will vary depending on the type of stone, but it should have a low sheen and a smooth surface. Honed finishes work well with marble, as its lack of shine more easily conceals flaws or scratches.
Leather finishing is a new style of processing that has become more popular in recent years. It has a soft shine, which is less shiny than a polished slab, and to the touch has a different feel. The leather finish retains the natural color of the stone giving it a more sophisticated than polished look. It also hides noticeable fingerprints and water spots well, which is very appealing to many.
These are just a few finishes to consider when choosing a countertop.

Trend # 3. Kitchen Countertops with Character – Veining and Patterns Gaining Popular

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Homeowners are looking for a little more character in their counters. Fortunately, the technology is there to provide creative solutions. Countertops today come in a wide variety of designs, unlike the simple styles of years gone by. Say goodbye to round particles from past counters and hello to realistic veins.
Materials like quartz are designed to look like slabs of natural stone, like granite and marble. This involves creating veins in interesting swirling patterns in the countertop slabs. That extra boost to your creative personality in your kitchen will be impressive. You want something even more realistic; then no need for a polished piece – sharp, leather finishes have the durability needed for the kitchen but look drastically different in space.
These varied finishes allow for an interesting match with other kitchen elements including the floor, walls, cabinetry, and backsplash. That also combines an impact to your kitchen, creating a nice visual background for the multitude of cooking activities.

Trend # 4. Kitchen sink styles to get you excited

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The counter receives the modern treatment and the sinks are not left out. Last year, homeowners didn’t have enough built-in sinks, but those days are behind us. 2020 brings different finishes, sizes, and styles to kitchen sinks and we are very excited about it. In 2021, we’re noticing matte black sinks and appliances, as well as gold and brass colors, take over. These finishes move away from your typical silver metal sinks. These are also popular faucet color choices for 2021 bathroom trends!
Oversized sinks are also gaining popularity this year. This is great in terms of functionality. Oversized sinks go well with an oversized refrigerator! As the kitchen area continues to expand in square footage and accessibility, it makes sense that its appliances do as well. Sleek and modern sink styles are also trending this year and will be in high demand. For example, farmhouse sinks, also known as apron-front sinks, are very fashionable. Expect to see all of these types of sinks as part of the 2020 kitchen countertop trends

Trend # 5. Unexpected neutral tones and trends

The preference for soft neutrals is a common theme throughout the home in upcoming decorating trends.
Instead of a bright blue or jet black countertop; you are more likely to find soft tones of gray, white, and beige in the kitchen. There is more emphasis on highlighting captivating individual components using neutral backgrounds. So you might find a beige countertop (or the new gray + beige countertop), with a mosaic ceiling backsplash that stands out.
Homeowners can experiment with other tones as well while maintaining the overall neutral style. Some of these are lightly different quartz colors that combine dull browns and light blues (almost gray). Other than that, more and more homeowners are choosing to stick with off-whites, ash grays, and neutral beige.
Interestingly, this shift to neutral tones comes at a time when kitchens are opening up to natural light. Extra-large windows, skylights, and folding glass wall systems are increasingly common in kitchens. The result is an enhanced light and airy feel that screams modern. In an age when small spaces are becoming popular, the combined effect of natural light and neutral tones helps expand the perceived space.