Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

The kitchen Cabinet is the Most important needs in Kitchen. We are Maruthi Interiors Top Interior Designers in Hyderabad Providing Interior Design Services in Hyderabad. As a part of it,we are providing some useful information for active readers to get knowledge about interior designs and decors.



Kitchen Cabinet

Whether U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel or straight, the kitchen of an Indian home above all needs to make room – in large part – for all kinds of storage and counter space.

Think about the variety of spices that go into each recipe and you’ll quickly agree. Therefore, don’t hold back when thinking about drawers, cabinets, and shelves. When planning your kitchen furniture design, make sure all kitchen drawers and cabinets are easily accessible.

An ideal kitchen cabinet design should be neat and hassle-free. Sliding drawers near a counter work great as they allow kitchen components to be sorted into separate drawers. Wall cabinets work great too, as they reduce the amount of space needed.

An Indian cook also needs a lot of space to prepare raw materials – space to keep pickled foods out of the way, to arrange utensils, etc. So a U, L, or parallel kitchen layout works best for an Indian home. be sorted


kitchen Cabinet

Think Indian design and the default setting is seen as rich, bright, and bold. However, a modern Indian modular kitchen requires reducing the richness of nuance

And keeping things natural, natural materials like reclaimed wood for the cabinets, marble or granite countertops that add an earthy touch, and accessories, accents, and kitchen decor that remains simple and minimal while striking.

This doesn’t mean, however that audacity cannot be manifested in accents; add the quirkiness with colorful mugs, fridge magnets, glass jars with labels, or stylish spice racks. If there is a lack of space, the natural light coming through the window works wonders for a small kitchen.


Kitchen Cabinet

When the fundamentals of kitchen remodeling or a whole new design are selected, consider which color you would like to be surrounded by while cooking.

Most homeowners often go for soft hues as a backdrop. However, your modern kitchen can be a place to play with color and get creative.

You can create contrast by mixing and matching hues, combining bold accents with Indian patterns and patterns. However, it is crucial to balance color, shape, pattern, and other design elements in a modern modular Indian kitchen.

The kitchen mural should blend in perfectly with the accessories and appliances such as fireplaces, refrigerator, oven, etc.,

and should also complement the design of your kitchen cabinet and other kitchen furniture.

If you are working on your kitchen interior design yourself, it’s a great idea to create a mood board and see how the colors, shapes, and designs work together.

Let it shine

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The importance of the right kind of lighting can never be overstated when considering kitchen decor and functionality. Of course, this requires careful planning.

From the different kinds of light to their positioning, everything plays its role to give a beautiful allure to a modern kitchen. Creating shadows with lights improves the aesthetics of the kitchen. The kitchen cabinet and workspaces should be lit in a way that makes the kitchen a practical and pleasing place to work.


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Form follows function in the modular kitchen archetype. And the most regular functions can be done by investing in the right appliances to improve the design of the kitchen. Whether it is a fireplace, refrigerator, microwave, grinder-mixer, or oven, great care must do place when placing the appliance. The work triangle – the oven, sink, and refrigerator – should be placed close and easily accessible from each other. In general, the location should allow easy access to devices, they should be placed near electrical outlets and should be easy to clean and maintain