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Interior Designer Myths For Future Designers

interior design is the key to every home to make a beautiful look. We are Maruthi interiors Best interior designer in Hyderabad. Here we are giving some important myths about how to become Interior designers.

Design is supposed to be nice, but the truth is, the interiors realm can seem intimidating, especially when you’re self-taught. When Studio McGee was born, one of our goals was to demystify design and frankly share what we have learned, and what we do today is still inspired by the same idea.
However, interiors aren’t just about putting a room together. Lately, we’ve been looking for opportunities to share some of the details. Today we are talking about some “myths” of becoming an interior designer and why they shouldn’t scare you!

Here are a few things we wish someone had gotten rid of when we started:

Myth # 1: you have to know how to draw well

If drawing is important, it’s a learnable skill, don’t let the fear of not being able to draw scare you! Thus several people will tell us that they don’t want to try design because they can’t draw, and we’ve been there, but with exercise, the skill will come!

Myth # 2: you need to get a degree in interior design

Design training is a huge plus, and for commercial design it is necessary. However, if you are interested in residential design and don’t have a degree, there are so many resources available to be self-taught. Plus, there are plenty of resources for taking online courses these days. Learning on the job is also important, and if you don’t have any formal education, designing your path at home is a great way to learn!

Myth # 4: Interior design is above all about decoration

While shopping and styling are an integral part of the design, an interior designer should be organized and have strong project management skills! Artists work with the technical side of designs more than you presumably think. Knowing the codes, deadlines, and regulations is just as important as being creative.
And don’t forget about human skills! Relationships with clients, architects, builders, and tradespeople play a key role in the process.

Myth # 5: you need high paying clients to prove what you can do

Everyone has to start somewhere, and sometimes starting small and working on tight budgets will show your future clients how resourceful you can be! Your dream plans will come with time and experience.