Home theater Design ideas

Home theater Design ideas

Home theaters are the one which gives the better experience of theater,

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Locate the home theater room in a dedicated space

Home theater Design

A dedicated home theater room is a room that gives you the experience of theater in your home. It means the small theater will be in your house to enjoy the big screen in your house.

And today, streaming anything like movies or series means more than ever, with streaming services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and conventional cable TV.

When It shares space with other hobbies, the theatrical experience is minimized. When the non-dedicated home theater shares the kitchen, the sounds and smells of cooking pervade.

When the theater is in the living room, it is difficult to control the light and the children.

but they must be large enough that viewers can keep a safe distance from the screen. This is especially important with video projectors.

At the extreme level, a projector needs a projection distance of around 14 feet to project an image 150 inches diagonally,

although short-throw projectors are also available on the budget which we can purchase depending on the budget.

Control ambient light

Ambient light means light coming from outside the theater, for example, other rooms or windows. With most home renovations, try adding more natural light.

Home theaters are spaces where you want to limit lighting, whether it’s natural outdoor light or light from other rooms.

High Lights kills video projection images and even makes flat-screen viewing less enjoyable.

On the projector side, you will need a projector with a high lumens index if you have ambient light that you cannot control.

But the best way to deal with ambient light is to simply turn it off before it starts, choosing an already dimly lit space, such as a basement.

If you can’t do this, limit the light with curtains and blinds that block the light

Control the ambient sound

Ambient sound is unwanted sound coming from outside your home theater. Even if you manage to find a dedicated space for your home theater, sounds coming from outside that space often ruin the viewing experience.

Dishwashers, children in other rooms, kitchen noises, plumbing noises, and sounds from outside the house are just a few examples of ambient sounds that can crash and destroy your home theater audio.