cabinet ideas

Cabinet Design Ideas For Office

Cabinet design ideas for your Office. We are Maruthi interiors Top Interior Designers in Hyderabad. Here we are providing some ideas to make your cubicles beautiful

cabinet ideas

A wise person once said, “They can take the cabin out of your house, but you don’t have to let them get your house out of the cabin.” Okay, maybe no one has ever really said that, but it’s true nonetheless. Of course, when you are at work, you focus on the job. Yet there’s something about managing in a beautiful, comfortable space that’s both fresh and important.

Add a lamp.

It’s no surprise that lamps reign supreme in the electric-light mood factor. Just because your booth is probably under fluorescent lights doesn’t mean you should too. Even when the office ceiling lights are on, you can turn on your cabinet lamp and feel an immediate change with its warmer lumens.

Designate a shelf for decoration.

If you’ve got the space, it doesn’t hurt to forgo massive filing cabinets and reference books for a softer, more aesthetic shelf resident. Wicker, paper, or crochet balls, for example, add a refreshing curvy appeal to a space that’s very angular by nature.

Bring some fresh flowers.

While they don’t last forever, fresh flowers add instant embellishment to a drab office cabinet. Get in the habit of changing them every week, for example, grab a new bouquet every Monday on your way to the office. They not only look fresh and pretty, but they smell great and boost the mood.

Throw a pillow.

Your sofa isn’t the only place that could use a cushion. Especially around 3 p.m., when you’re sitting at your desk all day, a little support or an extra back adjustment is never a bad thing! Plus, a decorative pillow lets you introduce fun prints and patterns into an otherwise function-laden space.

Make yourself a desk calendar.

This gorgeous watercolor calendar is a pretty quick DIY project, but the styling benefits will last a very long time. Using a small wooden box turned on its side, attach brass hooks. Paint watercolors on some card stock labels and use vinyl letters and numbers for the date. Not only will you stay on top of your dates, but you will do it beautifully.

Use a pegboard.

Organizing pegboards isn’t just about garage tools – it makes a fantastic cabin decoration as well. And it’s as attractive as it gets! Since cubicles aren’t typically large real estate workspaces, anything that can serve as decor AND great use of vertical space is something to consider.